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A history of excellence

自160多年前成立以来,我们一直在不断地推动知识的边界向前发展. With our finger on the pulse and an eye on the horizon, we’ve pursued the greatest heights of research and innovation, always together and always for the betterment of Florida and the world.

Self-made, but not made for self

In 1858, James Henry Roper, an educator from North Carolina and a state senator from Alachua County, opens a school in Gainesville: the Gainesville Academy. In 1866, 偌珀将他的土地和学校提供给亚盈体育下载州作为交换东亚盈体育下载神学院搬到盖恩斯维尔.

A greater world through greater understanding

In 1906, 在认识到越来越多的研究收藏品和教学展品的重要性之后, the Florida Museum of Natural 历史 becomes part of UF, dedicated to understanding, preserving and interpreting biological diversity and cultural heritage. In 2000, the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity opens, 成为世界上最大的鳞翅目昆虫收藏地之一,拥有600多万只蝴蝶和飞蛾标本.

Growing with purpose

1909年,校长阿尔伯特·莫夫里(Albert Murphree)以单一的使命组织大学学院. In doing so, enrollment increases from 200 to over 2,000. Wanting to instill service and leadership in this larger student body, he also helps found the Florida Blue Key leadership society.

Leading by example

In 1928, then-president John J. Tigert creates the grant-in-aid athletic scholarship program, which would inspire the athletic scholarship still used by the NCAA today.

An eye on tomorrow

1934年,警.K. 永格发展研究学校是亚盈体育官网附属的公立学区,位于亚盈体育官网校园内. 它专注于创新和研究,旨在反思和改善我们的教与学方式.

For a greater health

1956年,亚盈体育官网医学和护理学院成立,1958年,亚盈体育官网附属医院成立. 他们将带领亚盈体育官网成为美国唯一一所在一个校园内拥有6所健康相关学院的大学. 今天, they are a part of the 亚盈体育官网健康 care network, a massive cooperative throughout the state, including facilities in Jacksonville and Orlando.

Bold enough to do better than water

In 1965, following a request from the Florida Gators football head coach, 亚盈体育官网的一组科学家开发了一种饮料,可以帮助运动员比水更好地保持水分. They name it Gator-Aid. 这支足球队击败了黄夹克队,赢得了他们的第一个橙色碗. After their loss, the opposing coach remarks, “We didn't have Gator-Aid. That made the difference.” 

Competing on the greatest stage

In 1968, the first Gator competes in the Olympics. 从那时起, 145名盖特运动员和13名亚盈体育下载教练代表37个国家和亚盈体育官网参加了比赛, 成功地展示了鳄鱼是如何战胜世界上最好的对手的.

Don’t just believe in miracles

1979年,温迪·斯托克(Wendy Stoeker)获得了亚盈体育官网潜水队的席位,尽管她生下来就没有胳膊. 她在那年的州跳水锦标赛中获得了第三名,并一直激励着几代鳄鱼人,直到今天.

A greater commitment

In 1985, 亚盈体育官网成为美国大学协会(AAU)成员, 该组织由排名前62的公立和私立研究型大学组成,致力于利用研究来改变世界.

See the world from Gainesville

In 1990, the Samuel P. 哈恩艺术博物馆作为南部最大的大学艺术博物馆之一开放, housing more than 8,永久收藏各类作品000余件,并举办各类巡回展览. 

A greater expression

In 1992, the Phillips Center for the Performing 艺术 is founded, 谁举办国际活动,并提供一个创造艺术的出口,打开窗口,以更广阔的世界.

Confident enough to save a generation

In 1995, Dance Marathon at UF is created, 使之成为全国首批五个舞蹈马拉松筹款项目之一. 这是一个为期一年的努力,最终在每年春天的活动,学生们保持他们的脚26.2小时. Since its inception, 亚盈体育官网的舞蹈马拉松已经为亚盈体育官网健康手儿童医院的孩子们筹集了超过1000万美元.

Helping her stand proud

在1996年之前, 自由女神像里的白蚁太麻烦了,以至于博物馆不得不关闭. 那一年,亚盈体育官网的苏南遥教授开发了一种革命性的白蚁消灭系统Sentricon. 从那时起, Sentricon has protected more than 2 million structures, including the Statue of Liberty, the White House, Independence Hall, the Alamo and a large part of the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Collaborating for a cure

In 1998, the Evelyn F. 和威廉L. McKnight Brain Institute becomes a magnet for collaboration, opening a $60 million building adjacent to the 健康 Science Center. The program is now the most comprehensive of its kind in the world, 现有教职员工300人,来自10个学院和51个系.

Better crops for a better world

In 1999, 亚盈体育官网食品和农业科学研究所的研究人员从一种普通的池塘藻类中分离出一种基因,这种基因可以转移到农作物上, boosting yields by as much as 30 percent and creating a greener, more efficient growing process.

A greater perspective

In 2002, 亚盈体育官网开始领导另外六所大学,在NASA 1500万美元的资助下,开展一项为期五年的太空研究计划. The spirit of collaboration continues with the country of Spain, 亚盈体育官网的研究人员正致力于创建世界上最大的单口径光学望远镜,并继续亚盈体育官网的使命,推动研究走向更美好的世界.

An impact for the greater state

In 2005, 亚盈体育官网成为一个认证的audubon合作保护区的环境和野生动物管理, resource conservation, environmental education, waste management and outreach. But the university’s commitment to the planet didn’t stop there; in 2006, UF creates the Office of Sustainability, committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2025.

Commitment for the greater state

In 2006, 亚盈体育官网的教职员工和研究人员开始为新兴病原体研究所设计框架. 从那时起, the Institute has made a substantial impact, 确保我们大部分进口食品的安全,保护国家免受一系列疾病和病原体的侵害. 

Partnering for greater progress

In 2008, as part of its commitment to collaboration and a greater world, 亚盈体育官网与中国浙江大学合作,研究地球能源问题的可持续解决方案. 

Seeing the forest and the trees

In 2011, 亚盈体育官网食品和农业科学研究所的研究人员在松树育种方面取得了突破,可以用一半的时间培育出新的树种. 这项新技术还将使树木的生长速度更快,具有更好的性状, such as better wood quality and disease, drought and pest resistance.

Looking for things others don’t see

In 2012, UF物理学家团队在大型强子对撞机的两个主要实验之一中发挥了主导作用, a 17-mile-long, $5 billion supercooled underground tunnel outside Geneva, 瑞士. 更多的 than 30 UF physicists, postdoctoral associates, 研究生和本科生参与对撞机的紧凑型介子电磁(CMS)实验, 它最终将在证明希格斯玻色子的存在方面发挥重要作用——a.k.a. “the God particle.”

Reinventing champions

In 2012-3, 亚盈体育官网篮球队获得了9个分区冠军,与8个SEC冠军(男子篮球)的联盟记录相匹配, 游泳, 潜水, tennis and volleyball; women’s cross country, 体操, soccer and softball.)鳄鱼队还赢得了连续7年的SEC全体育奖杯, the 21st time in the last 22 years, 这是他第13次包揽所有奖项——赢得了所有的男子和女子冠军. 

Half a million Gators working for greater

In 2014, UF passes a major milestone as it gives its 500,000th degree to Christian Cruz, 她主修市场营销,是亚盈体育官网Machen Florida机会学者计划的成员, 为成千上万来自低收入家庭的第一个上大学的学生提供全面的经济支持.

Writing the next chapter of UF’s story

In January 2015, Dr. W. Kent Fuchs becomes UF’s 12th president, bringing with him a background in academic leadership as a provost, a distinguished career as an engineering professor, and a commitment to push UF to even greater heights. 

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